Greed City Help and FAQ

The primary currency in Greed City is Credits and Diamonds. Credits can are earned through checking into businesses and through owning businesses. You receive diamonds after your 10th check-in, 100 check-in, 400th check-in and from thereafter on ever 300th check-in. They are also earned as once-off bonuses for performing tasks like completing the tutorial.

At anytime a player can buy more credits or diamonds from the STORE, they can also view their current balance by tapping the BALANCE button on the top right of the app.

A player can check-in at 20 locations per day, but may only check-in at the same location once every 8 hours.Every time a player checks-into a location he is rewarded for doing so and earns credits. When a player checks-into a location more times than anyone else they are rewarded by becoming the Top Customer and are given an extra credit each time they check-in at that property. If a business does not have stock, players will not receive a check-in reward.

Owning a Business
Owning a business and building an empire is a great way to accumulate wealth and receive a steady flow of in-game credits. Not only are credits earned every time a player checks-into your property (provided you have stock) but the business value will also increase.Players can purchase or setup a business anywhere in the world (they do'nt need to be near its physical location). To buy a business a player is required to pay the business value as well as 30% tax on the purchase.

Players do not have to pay tax if they setup a brand new business, but they need to stock it as soon as possible. A player can only purchase more stock for a business once it has been completely depleted, this should be watched carefully. If a business owner checks into there own building, they will receive a Bonus Reward for being a Hands on Manager (an item of stock will be removed but the business value will not increase).

Managing your empire

A great way for a player to manage their empire is from the "my empire" screen, here a player can keep track of stock levels, business value, unique customers and total check-ins (tap the drop-down box to change these views).

A Players Total Worth and World Rank
Total Worth is used to rank players on leaderboards and determines how well a player is doing in Greed City. A players Total Worth is calculated by combining the value of all their businesses along with there current Balance (credits).

Keep track of your World Rank and watch the leaderboards often to keep an eye on your progress.

Q. If I don't check-in at a property is my location hidden
A. Greed City will never broadcast your exact location. Even when a player preforms a check-in at a business their exact location is hidden (players can check-in at varying distances)

Q. How do i increase my Total Worth?
A. Check into businesses often to increase your credits and buy or setup new business as soon as possible

Q. My stock is almost finished but i cant buy more?

A. Stock levels have to reach 0 before you can purchase more with credits.

Q. Why cant i check-in at any more places?
A. You only have a set number of check-ins per day and you can only check-in at the same place every 8 hours.

Q. How do i get more diamonds?
A.You receive 3 diamonds when you first join to get you started. You receive another diamond after your 10th check-in, 100 check-in, 400th check-in and from thereafter on ever 300th check-in. You can also purchase more diamonds.

Q. How does my business value increase?
A. Every time a player checks-into your business the value increases (it removes an item of stock, so it may not be apparent until you re-stock your business)

Q. I have enough credits and diamonds but i cant purchase a certain building.
A. The building is most likely in a purchase freeze. After a building has been setup or recently received new ownership, other players need to wait a while before they can purchase it.

Q. Someone just bought a property i owned, but it was not for sale?

A. Provided a player has enough funds, they can purchase any building ( every property is fair game)

Q. There are not many players in my area, can i still play
A. Yes you can. Greed City is growing fast. The great thing is it's not dependent on players in your area. You can always setup or purchase a business in another area or country for players to check-in. Use the map view to find places to buy.

Q. I can check into a location but its no where near me?
A. You can check into the 5 nearest businesses to you, that means if you don't have any properties in your area you will always be able to check-into a location and claim rewards.

Q. Can i check-in at property i own and receive a reward
A. Yes you can, if you do you will receive a Bonus reward for being a Hands on Manager (an item of stock will be removed but the business value will not increase)

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